Friday, April 16, 2010

Sex During Pregnancy

IT IS common for women who are pregnant for the first time, to wonder whether sexual intercourse will affect the developing baby.

The common questions asked by the concerned pregnant mothers include :

1) Whether sexual intercourse will harm the baby ?

Routine sexual intercourse is safe during pregnancy because the baby is protected by surrounding waterbag.

Orgasm may cause some uterine activity which, however, does not harm the foetus.

It is safe for women with a normal pregnancy to have sexual intercourse during pregnancy even right up to the time when labour starts for a normal healthy pregnancy.

2) Will it causes infection ?

The labour door is tightly sealed by mucus plug to prevent any bacterias from infecting the baby. It is unlikely for the bacterias from vaginal to ascend into the worm. Furthermore, the waterbag provides necessary protection to the baby from infection.

However, certain sexualy transmitted diseases, eg : HIV, Hepatits B, Syphilis and Herpes may potentially infecting the baby if your spouse is carrying the disease.

The Mucus Plug in the cervix

3) Can sexual intercourse leads to miscarriage or premature labour?

Orgasm may induce some uterine activity, but the contraction is not strong enough to cause miscarriage or premature labour.

4) What is the ideal position for sexual activity during pregnancy ?

As the abdomen increases in size with advancing pregnancy, the woman may be uncomfortable with the traditional man on top position.

It is advisable to find alternative positions. By trying out various other positions, the couple will find one that they are both comfortable with.

5) In what conditions sexual intercourse is not encouraged?

1) Women who have recurrent bleeding during pregnancy. The cause of bleeding may be due to placenta located too near to the cervix ( Placenta Previa ).

2) Women who have prematured ruptured of waterbag.

3) Women with high risk of premature labour with history of weakness in the cervix

Sex during pregnancy may enhance the relationship with the spouse or partner during the pregnancy and after childbirth.

However, It is important to confirm with your doctor on a regular basis that there are no pregnancy problems and that the pregnancy is normal before engaging in intimacy.


JeSS said...

Dr. Jason, I am quite confused with my expected due date calculation. My last menses is on 25th july 2009 and thus my EDD should be on the 1st may 2010. but according to my gynea calculation my EDD is on 18th may 2010. He did the calculation by depending on the fetus size through ultrasound scanning. which calculation is more reliable? Please advise.

Thank you.


Dr, I am HooiHooi. I search frm internet, knowing that got a thing call 耻骨联合分离症 (Diastasis of Symphysis Pubis). Read through the symptoms, quite similar to those I faced these few months. I know as you mentioned, it is due to our pregnancy hormone and baby's weight. What else can we do during natural birth process to minimize the pain? The pain will still continue after give birth?