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Average Baby Weight On Gestation

Everytime after the ultrasound scan, the doctor will inform you the estimated baby weight.

You need to know the normal weight based on the normal pregnancy so that you could justify your baby condition.

16 weeks ( 4th month)

Average Weight : 140g

Normal range : 80g to 200g

20 weeks ( 5th month )

Average weight : 310g

Normal Range : 230g to 460g

24 weeks ( 6th month)

Average weight : 560g

Normal Range : 445g to 970g

28 weeks ( 7th month )

Average weight : 1140g

Normal range : 800g to 1540g

32 weeks (8th month)

Average weight : 1750g

Normal range : 1300g to 2200g

36 weeks (9th month)

Average weight : 2240g

Normal range : 1880g to 3100g

40 weeks (10th month)

Average weight : 2900g

Normal range : 2300g to 3500g

How To Prevent Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are an unfortunate result of pregnancy for many women.
90% of all pregnant women will develop stretch marks.
Some women are more genetically predisposed to stretch marks; others are not.
For many women, even the most dedicated stretch mark prevention regimen may not work.

The stretch marks usually occur on the abdomen; however, theses marks can also occur on the thighs, buttocks, and breast.
The common reasons for severe pregnancy stretch marks:
  1. Genetic factor due to poor elasticity of skin. If your mother has severe stretch marks, you stand a higher chance to follow.
  2. Uncontrolled weight gain during pregnancy.
  3. Big baby
  4. Poor skin moisture

While there is no sure way to prevent stretch marks, there are a few things you can do to help lower the severity of them.

  • Try to gain only the amount of weight needed to have a healthy baby. The more weight you gain, the more likely you are to develop stretch marks.
  • Try some of the oils and creams available over the counter to help prevent and reduce stretch marks. Those lotions with cocoa butter are often helpful for lessening the appearance of stretch marks.
  • Body massage with moisturiser cream maybe helpful. Try using warm towel to compress on your belly before applying the creams to help with the absorption of the creams.
  • Drink lots of water. Drinking eight or more eight ounce glasses of water every day will help to hydrate your skin. This will, in turn, help your skin to maintain its elasticity, which will help reduce the appearance of stretch marks.
  • Eat a diet high in nutrients such as zinc and vitamins C, D, A and high protein diet.

Continue your stretch mark treatment plan even after you’ve had the baby. There are several creams on the market nowadays that claim to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Even if they don’t provide the results you dream of, they can certainly make your skin soft and supple.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pregnancy Week By Week Development

Once you have conceived, the journey will involve development of you as well as the baby.
Every week will see your body undergoing changes, and the baby will grow a little more inside of you. This article discusses some of the things you can expect on a week to week basis during your pregnancy.

Weeks 1-2

During this period, you will have had your last period. Week one starts on the first day of your last period.

Weeks 3-7

In week 3, the sperm fertilized the egg. The fertilized egg starts growing slowly and forms the embryo. The embryo gets implanted inside the uterine wall.
In week five, a home test kit for pregnancy will return positive results.
In week six, the heart of the fetus starts beating.
This is the time you might feel morning sickness.

Weeks 8-11

In the first stages of this period, the fetus develops its internal organs.

You will notice the first signs of a growing belly.
Morning sickness should taper off by the end of this period.

Weeks 12-19

Most of important organs have been formed.
You will likely no longer feel nauseated the entire day.
Your body weight will slowly increase.

Weeks 20-23

Your doctor would be able to tell you the sex of the baby.
Small contractions of the uterus are common at this stage. Do not worry; it is just your body preparing itself for the arrival of the newborn.

Weeks 24-27

The baby will get a layer of fat to keep her warm once she is born.
Her eyes and ears have developed well, and she can sense sounds coming from outside the mother’s belly. She also knows when it is light or dark outside.

Weeks 28-31

The brain of the baby has developed. The head of the baby grows bigger, and her eyes have developed almost completely.

Weeks 32-35

The baby is almost fully developed.
The lungs are still in the process of maturing.
Her fingernails have started growing.
A normal baby has attained the weight of around four pounds by this time.

Weeks 36-40

The baby is ready to come into the world outside.
Her organs are fully developed.
The lungs have also developed by the end of this period.


I decided to start blogging on this date!

I hope this blog will be read by my patients to enrich their knowledge on their pregnancy.

I will update this blog regularly with comprehensive and relevant articles.
The sentences and words used in the articles are easily understood. The explanation in the article will be simplified.

I hope this blog will become an interactive forum for us to share the medical knowledge. Your questions and comments are welcomed. I will try my best to reply to you.

The information from this blog is only for medical education and general reference. The readers are advised to seek professional doctor's consultation for further clarification.

Important Documents To Make Birth Certificate

The arrival of your newborn will bring a lot of joys and happiness.
Of course the first thing you need to do for your baby is to choose a beautiful name, then you need to make a birth certificate for the baby.

You need to deal with Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN) for the birth certificate. Since it is a government agency, you need to prepare all the neccesary documents to prevent any inconvenience.

Before discharging from the hospital, the hospital will provide you PSR(1) form to fill in your particulars.

Hospital Form

This form is not an official form to make birth certificate in JPN. You need to fill in your particulars and submit the form to the counter staff in the Labour room ( 1st Floor ).

The hospital clerk will help you to fill in the official JPN form with the doctor's signature.

Official JPN Form

Belows are the list of important documents you need to submit to JPN :

1) The Official JPN form with doctor's signature.

2) Wife and husband IC (original and photocopy)

3) Marriage certificate ( original and photocopy)

4) Clinic Appointment Card ( original and photocopy)

5) Baby Injection Appointment Card

Location of JPN offices in Seberang Prai :

Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara Cawangan Bertam,
No.4, Lorong Bertam Indah 12,Taman Bertam Indah,
13200 Kepala Batas, Pulau Pinang'
Tel: 04-5758143Faks : 04-5752350

Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara Daerah Seberang Perai Tengah,
Tingkat Bawah, Wisma TNB,
No.1, Jalan Perda Barat,
14000 Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang.
Tel: 04-5382621Faks : 04-5382622

Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara Daerah Seberang Perai Selatan,
Blok B, Tingkat Bawah,
Kompleks Pejabat-pejabatKerajaan Jawi,
14200 Sungai Jawi, Pulau Pinang.
Tel: 04-5822951Faks:04-5828279
Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara Daerah Seberang Perai Utara,
Aras 2, Wisma Suria,
Jalan Kampung Gajah,
12000 Butterworth, Pulau Pinang.
Tel: 04-3333380Faks : 04-3234157

Remember to register your baby within 14 days from the day of birth to prevent penalty from JPN.