Monday, June 29, 2009

Average Baby Weight On Gestation

Everytime after the ultrasound scan, the doctor will inform you the estimated baby weight.

You need to know the normal weight based on the normal pregnancy so that you could justify your baby condition.

16 weeks ( 4th month)

Average Weight : 140g

Normal range : 80g to 200g

20 weeks ( 5th month )

Average weight : 310g

Normal Range : 230g to 460g

24 weeks ( 6th month)

Average weight : 560g

Normal Range : 445g to 970g

28 weeks ( 7th month )

Average weight : 1140g

Normal range : 800g to 1540g

32 weeks (8th month)

Average weight : 1750g

Normal range : 1300g to 2200g

36 weeks (9th month)

Average weight : 2240g

Normal range : 1880g to 3100g

40 weeks (10th month)

Average weight : 2900g

Normal range : 2300g to 3500g


BOGUS said...
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BOGUS said...

Mr. & Mrs. Lim (PooiWei)

Dear Doc,

Thanks alot for this informative site.

PW has since increased 13.5kg from 0-8th months. You've advised her on slowing down the weight gain but due to her huge appetite for food, if she were to cut down on the food intake, will it have any implication to the actual baby's weight? We could try to start eating less and cutting down on snacks. Our only concern would be to deliver an underweight baby.
Appreciate the reply.

Dr. Jason Ong said...

Grossly, food can be divided into 3 categories:
1) Carbohydrate : Rice, noodle, white bread, sugar etc
2) Protein : Meat related diet
3) Fibers : Fruit and veges.

During pregnancy, due to reduced in physical activity, it is not necessary for the pregnant mother to increase the calories intake from carbohydrate.

However, protein and fibres related food is not restricted. The baby need more protein and minerals ( calcium ) to build and growth. High fibre diet is important to assist the bowel motion and is a form of vitamin supplement for the mother.

In conclusion, PW needs to control the carbohydrate related diet without reducing the protein and fiber intake in order to control her weight gain, without sacrificing the nutrition for the baby.

BOGUS said...

Thanks for the advice Doc, we shall try on the diet suggestion today and see the result in a fortnight when we meet.

Appreciate the prompt reply.