Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ultrasound Scan – Is it Safe and Useful?

Safety of Ultrasound

This technology has been using for the past 50 years in the field of obstetrics.

Ultrasound exposure during pregnancy is safe as there was no major adverse effect to the baby.

A 3 months old baby

Type of Ultrasound Scan Used in Pregnancy

  1. Routine 2D scan is good enough to monitor your baby growth and detect any congenital abnormality.

  2. 3D/4D scan will show your baby physical appearance including the face. 3D/4D is superior in detecting cleft lip, club foot and cord round neck.

  3. Doppler scan is useful to monitor the baby wellbeing and healthiness.

The advantages of Ultrasound scan

  • Confirm the pregnancy during early stage of pregnancy.

  • Confirm the date of delivery.

  • Confirm the location of the pregnancy inside the womb.

  • Detect any gynaecological problem during pregnancy ( eg: cyst and fibroid)

  • Detect the number of baby in the worm. Some of the lucky mothers may have twin pregnancy.

  • Detect any congenital abnormality of the baby ( eg: Heart defect, Cleft lip )

  • Monitor your baby growth inside the womb.

  • Locate the placenta and the baby position.

  • Monitor the wellbeing of your baby after 9th month of pregnancy.

Twin Pregnancy

Thickened Nuchal. Risk of Down Syndrome is increased.

3D image of a 7 months baby

Cleft Lip


Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. Jason,

What is the different between 3D and 4D scan?

Dr. Jason Ong said...

3D scan capture a stationary image, where else 4D scan will capture the motion and movement of the baby.
Just like a camera.....Still image is 3D, Video Clip is 4D.

Anonymous said...

Hi Doc, may i know when is the best time to do the 3D or 4D scan?

Anonymous said...

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Finella said...

I have been looking at getting some private ultrasound scans because my local NHS clinic has been cancelling my scans numerous times now and i really want to get this first scan done now. Does any one know how much private scan are?