Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Reply To Lychee

Hai Dr Jason,

My question is:

1)my age is 25 years old and in family no one is down syndrome children, so is it i still need check the doen syndrome for my baby? I have go to Blood test lab for asking, but the doctor say i no need do it because i'm still young. This make me confuse. your answer we are apreciated



Hi! Lychee

Thank for your question.

Since you are still young, only 25 years old and there is no family history of Down Syndrome, the chance of giving birth to a Down Syndrome baby is low.

Medical research showed that at your age the chance of giving birth to a Down Syndrome stands at 1 in 1000.It means every 1000 women pregnant at your age, only one will give birth to Down baby, compared with the risk of a 35 years old woman who stands at the chance of 1 in 350.

However, lychee, 1 in 1000 is not equal to zero!

Nowadays all the patients have very high expectation on their children. Every mother hopes to deliver a perfectly normal baby.

Furthermore, blood test and ultrasound scan to screen for Down Syndrome are easily done without any risk to the mothers.

In UK and US, blood test and ultrasound screening are offered to all pregnant mothers regardless their age.

We must think of the consequences of giving birth to the Down Syndrome baby, in term of emotional and financial burden to your family.

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