Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Baby is kicking me!

Feeling the baby's movement within the womb is a wonderful experience for most of the pregnant mothers.

It is one of the ways your baby communicates with you. This precious experience slowly develops a special bonding between both of you.

For the mothers who are expecting their first pregnancy, they usually feel the baby movement after 20 weeks of pregnancy ( 5th month ).

For those expecting their second pregnancy onwards, they could feel the movement earlier after 16 weeks of pregnancy ( 4th month).

Why it is important to count my baby movement ?

By counting the number of movement, we can monitor the condition of the baby inside the womb.

The doctor only assess your baby's condition during the consultation, During the normal days, the monitoring is depent on you.

When should I start counting?

You should start counting after 7 months of pregnancy.

There are 2 methods you can use:

1) Counting the number of movement from 9am till 7pm. Within this 10 hours, the baby should have more than 10 kicks.

2) Counting the number of movement from 7pm till 10pm. This method is useful for the working mothers who are busy during the office hours. Within these period, your baby should make more than 5 kicks.

What should I do if my baby has less movement?

Don't be panic!

You need to take your meal as soon as possible, then observe the movement again.

A lot of time, your baby will start kicking again after your meal because of increased blood sugar.
If your baby movement is still reduced after the meals, consult your doctor as soon as possible.

Why my baby is so naughty during the night time? He likes to kick me during the night time. As a result, I can't sleep properly throughout the night.

It is normal to feel more movement during the night time because you pay more attention to your baby when you are relaxing.

It is also because of the sleeping pattern of the baby. Usually, the baby's sleeping time is shorter during night time.

Why after 9 months of pregnancy, my baby doesn't like to kick me anymore?

As your baby is growing bigger and bigger, the empty space within the womb is decreasing. The baby is cramped inside a small space and limit its movement.

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