Monday, July 27, 2009

Umbilical Cord Wraps Around Baby's Neck (婴儿脐带总结颈部)

Inside the womb, the baby receives food and oxygen from the mother through the placenta and umbilical cord.
The length of umbilical cord measures approximately 60 cm.
Due to the baby body turning inside the womb, sometimes the cord could wrap around the baby's neck.

Diagram on the left : The umbilical cord in normal position.
Diagram on the right : The umbilical cord wrap the baby neck.

How to know my baby neck is wrapped by umbilical cord ?
2 types of ultrasound scan could identify this condition.
1) 3D/4D scan of the neck region.
This 3D picture clearly show the cord location around the neck.
2) Umbilical Colour Doppler scan:
Doppler scan is used to identify the blood vessels within the umbilical cord.

Is this condition serious and threaten the safety of my baby?

Luckily, this condition is not as serious as you think. Most of the time, the umbilical cord is loosely wrapped around the neck without causing any problem to your baby.

Can I choose normal delivery with the umbilical cord wrap around my baby neck?

Yes. You still can go for normal delivery.

During the labour process, the doctor will monitor the baby's heartbeat because sometimes the heart rate could slow down because of this condition.

Consequently, the chance of emergency caesarean section is higher.


Anonymous said...

Dear Dr, my wife and I lost our daughter this week at 40 weeks. My wife had at least five ultrasound scans due to her age 40 years . We were informed that everthing was fine with the baby and it was developing as normal. Her last scan was at 37-38 weeks and again nothing was mentioned of conern. She visited the midwife on Tuesday 20th October, when she was informed that everything was alright. This appointment involved a blood pressure and urine test as well as the midwife listing to the baby's heart. My wife questioned the midwife about the heart beat not being very loud, but was assurred that it was ok. The midwife referred my wife to the hospital for a carbohydrate blood test the following day. We received the result as being normal on Thursday 22 October. On Sunday morning at 8.30 am my wife noticed a small jelly like discharge. We rushed to the hospital where the doctor conducted a scan and heartbeat monitor. Sadly no heartbeat could be detected a second doctor conducted a scan but this confirmed the same.Obviously devistated my wife then had to endure a 48 hour natural birth, knowing what the outcome would be. When the baby was finally delivered, it was found to have the umbilical cord wrapped around the neck tightly, no less than 4 times. There was obvious sore markes and damaged sknin on the baby's neck, presumably where the cord had been. Please can you help. Should the hospital have noticed this during the numerous scans that had taken place during my wife's pregnacy, or as one of the doctors told me , it would not have been possible to detect this.

The baby was difficult to bith as it's neck was pulled back
We have decided to have an autopsy and our daughter has been sent to a hospital in London. Her body is due to return this week.

Thank you for your time .



Anonymous said...

Am so sorry to hear of your loss.