Monday, July 13, 2009

Your Suggestion, Please!

I have a lot of topics in my mind which
i want to share with you.

But I am not sure which one you are interested in......

Please leave a comment and suggestion on the topic you want me to blog about.

Thank you.


夏娃 said...

I'm a 26 yr old 18weeks pregie with 20 years asthma record. Average asthma attack was 1-2 a year until my recent pregnancy caused twice emergency nabuliser due to accute attack. Under the control of ventolin inhaler and having problem of morning sickness till today,gastric,tonsilitis,sinusitis,unstoped nose bleed yet cauterization not helping,low hb 10.4 on iron supplement. Soft tissue of my last back joint is out of alignment due to car accident 3 years ago. Can I take epidural? Need your advise on whether can I undergone natural birth as my asthma wasn't so under control recently.

doreen said...

Just want to ask is there any idea or method can get twins at once?
This is because now a day too many ladies are high age only married and pregnant.
And almost 1 year only can delivery 1 baby (normally).

Steven Finn said...

This one is great. keep doing awesome!.. confinement centre