Friday, July 10, 2009

How To Calculate For Ovulation

It is an interesting question asked by Cherrie.

Every woman ovulates at different time because the duration of the menses cycles were different. Some of them have 28 days cycle and some of the women may have 32 days cycle.

Regardless the cycle length, every woman ovulates 14 days before their next menses.

Example 1

Miss X has a regular menses every 30 days. So, Miss X ovulates at Day 16 of her period. Yes, simple mathematic, 30 minus 14.

Example 2

Miss Y has a regular menses every 35 days. So, Miss Y ovulates at Day 21 of her period.

For your information, first day of your menses is considered Day 1 of your cycle.

Other than calculation method, other methods you can depend on are:

1) Measuring your body temperature. Your early morning temperature may go up to 37.3 to 37.5 degree celsius during the day of ovulation.

2) Monitoring the symptoms of ovulation. Some of the women may complain of mood swing, breast pain, bloated stomach, stomach pain.

3) Urine test for ovulation


Cherrie@樱桃 said...

Thanks Dr Jason!

Hazelnut Latte said...

Dr Jason,
may i ask that if the person menses not accurate every months..then how she want to count the ovalution date.

i have try many ways -- taking clomid and use the ovulation paper test also can findout which date is my ovalution date.

Can you suggest to me that i need to do any further checking or not?