Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Confinement Centre (坐月中心)

It is a new trend to stay in the confinement centre during your confinement period.
There are many confinement centres in Butterworth and Bukit Mertajam.
Some of the centres are operated by the experienced nurses and some of them are operated by traditional confinement ladies.

Despite of these confinement centre service, some of the new mothers still prefer to stay at home and employed a confinement lady to take care of them.

Today, I want to make some comparisons between confinement centre care and home care.

The advantages of Confinement Centre care :

1) More cost effective compared to home care. The confinement centre usually provide package of services which include food, lodging, herbal treatment, massage service and baby formula milk powder. The cost to employ a confinement lady to your house for 1 month is quite expensive nowadays.
2) Some of the confinement centres even equipped with medical facilities such as Infrared lamp, photo light for the jaundiced baby.

The disadvantages of Confinement Centre care :

1) The quality of the service is depent on the operator.
2) The risk of infection to your baby is higher in the confinement centre compared with home care. In the confinement centre, many babies stay together within the same room. If one baby is sick, your baby maybe infected as well.
3) The chance of depression is higher. You feel sad because you stay away from your family for 1 month. You may have problem to adjust yourself to the new environment in the confinement centre.

Well, the choice is yours. From the medical point of view, my opinion is home care is still better than confinement centre care.

What is your opinion? Leave some comments please!


BOGUS said...

I would definitely go for home stay. As I feel the mother would feel unappreciated if we were to chuck them in a centre right after delivery. Well that would be my 2 cents point of view.

yeohps said...

I would strongly agreed with Dr Jason. Home care is definately better than confinement centre.Care from family is very important; especially after delivery.This is because she need to switch and suit to a whole new role as mother which is not as easy as you think.

ChChia said...

I agree with Dr's opinion. If I have choice I would prefer my wife to stay at home

Anonymous said...

definitely stay at home is better. as my 1st time experience, the feel stay at confinement centre cannot compare with home. That comfortable feel at home is real good enough than the centre. This is my view.

HK Choo said...

Hi Dr Ong,

I stumbled upon your blog when googling for some other stuff. Great effort of yours to share valuable information this way, thanking you for this blog, please keep it up!

My 2-cents, Confinement Centre ain't all bad, one would need to research the few available first, then pop by for a visit to ascertain the level of hygience and etc before making a decision.

I'm speaking from my own experience as I stayed in one before, and true to what you mentioned in your points, the chance of baby infection is high as I've seen it happened right before my eyes. Thankfully my baby was ok. :)

A few 'benefits' if I may add to the going to a confinement centre are:
1/ Some confinement ladies (CL) hired for home-stay are not pro breastfeeding, even to the extent of anti-breastfeeding, thus crippling the effort of a new mother wanting the best for her child.

2/ The peer companionship one gets with the other mothers staying there at the same time makes the confinement period more bearable as we had common topics to chat about, thus time passes by more quickly.

3/ Round the clock care for baby unlike hiring a CL as the lady can't be working 24 hours a day, whereas in a confinement home, the staff are on rotating shifts.

Of course there were other factors I considered before opting for a confinement home eventhough at first I wasn't keen. However, in the end, I realised it wasn't such a bad idea afterall, and in fact, I enjoyed myself at the "30-day hotel" stay as I had fun with the friends there.

Just need to approach the matter with an open mind. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Hi HK Choo,

After looking through so many comments, you are the only one that give good comment about staying in confinement cantre.. may i know which centre you are staying?

vincent said...

what is the target market for the confinement centre?

HK Choo said...

Hi Anonymous, I stayed in E***l back in October 2008. I'm just sharing my own personal experience, which does not mean I endorse confinement centres. I would say, it depends on each person's situation and needs, and not to do a sweeping statatement. Cheers! :)

JANEEL said...

Not fully agree on the depression portion. I stayed at home during my confinement & was really depressed as I have a not understanding husband. Just in 2 weeks,we quarrel alot. I move to confinement centre 2wks later & I really appreciate my moment there. I get alot of support from the mummy & they are great in giving me advice. if I am at home, I am sure I will be badly depressed

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