Monday, March 29, 2010

Reply To Kathy

Dear Dr. Jason,

I'm into 6th week of my first pregnancy. I'm losing my appetite and this often cause gastric pain. I do drink liquid food but sometimes i still get gastric. May i know what should i eat and can i take actal when i have gastric pain? Thank you



Hi, Kathy,

You are suffering from morning sickness due to your pregnancy. During early stage of your pregnancy, your body hormone suddenly increased. This pregnancy hormone will lead to a few changes in your body :

1) Dizziness and vomiting, particularly during early morning when you wake up from sleep
2) Indigestion or commonly we know as " Stomach wind "
3) Breast distension and pain
4) White discharge from your private part.

The presence of these pregnancy symtoms indicates that your baby is fine and in good condition.
In an unhealthy pregnancy, the mother will not suffer from these symptoms due to lack of hormone production.
So, actually it is a good thing to happen, Kathy.

There are a few things you can do to reduce your suffering :

1) Take small and frequent meals. Avoid over-eating to reduce gastric distension.
2) Since your appetite is poor and you can't eat a lot, try to eat in small portion, but always choose high nutritious diet, eg: egg, formula milk, protein based food, fruits and veges

3) Go for liquid diet if you can't swallow solid food eg: porridge, glucose based drinks

4) Reduce oily and deep-fried food.

5) Avoid the food that leave a strong smell in your mouth, eg: belacan, spices. Rinse your mouth with water after eating.

If the problem is not improving after modifying your eating habit, you need to consult your doctor. The doctor will prescribe some medicines which are safe to take during pregnancy.

It is safe to take Actal during pregnancy.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Baby Weight

The estimated weight of the baby according to the month of pregnancy:

16 weeks ( 4th month)

Average Weight : 140g

Normal range : 80g to 200g

20 weeks ( 5th month )

Average weight : 310g

Normal Range : 230g to 460g

24 weeks ( 6th month)

Average weight : 560g

Normal Range : 445g to 970g

28 weeks ( 7th month )

Average weight : 1140g

Normal range : 800g to 1540g

32 weeks (8th month)

Average weight : 1750g

Normal range : 1300g to 2200g

36 weeks (9th month)

Average weight : 2240g

Normal range : 1880g to 3100g

40 weeks (10th month)

Average weight : 2900g

Normal range : 2300g to 3500g

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Reply To Joris Sim

Joris Sim said:

Hi Dr Jason,

I was your patient for my first baby. I deliver on Nov 2009 (natural deliver). Your advice to me is wait another 3 year to have my second baby.
But now I have changed my mind and want to have my second baby soon.
What is major concern if I planned to pregnant during June or July?


The ideal birth spacing is more than 2 years.

You need 2 years to fully recover from the lost of calcium and vitamin from your body due to pregnancy.

The rule of 2 years is not applied to normal delivery only. For those with caesarean delivery, you still need to wait for 2 years to fully recover.

A poor birth spacing is harmful to your health as the risk of osteoporosis (brittle bone) is higher in the later stage of life.

Anyway, since you plan to pregnant again within 1 year after the normal delivery, you need to start your vitamin supplement by now. Folic acid supplement should be started 3 months before your pregnancy. You need to eat more high calcium diet, eg: egg, milk, yogurst and cheese.

Regular exercise before pregnancy is good to promote bone recovery.

A pregnancy class will be organised on 28/3/2010 in Safira Club. Bone scan machine is available on that day and it will be done free to all of the participants. I hope you can attend the event and check your bone density on that day.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Pregnancy Class

Registration is opened now for the antenatal class in Safira Country Club on 28/3/2010.

Please call Ms Shirley Lee H/P 0125087932 for registration.

Free bone scan machine is available to the participants on that day for osteoporosis scanning.

4 breast pump machines will be given to the lucky mothers under the lucky draw.