Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Baby Weight

The estimated weight of the baby according to the month of pregnancy:

16 weeks ( 4th month)

Average Weight : 140g

Normal range : 80g to 200g

20 weeks ( 5th month )

Average weight : 310g

Normal Range : 230g to 460g

24 weeks ( 6th month)

Average weight : 560g

Normal Range : 445g to 970g

28 weeks ( 7th month )

Average weight : 1140g

Normal range : 800g to 1540g

32 weeks (8th month)

Average weight : 1750g

Normal range : 1300g to 2200g

36 weeks (9th month)

Average weight : 2240g

Normal range : 1880g to 3100g

40 weeks (10th month)

Average weight : 2900g

Normal range : 2300g to 3500g


Kathy said...

Dear Dr. Jason,

I'm into 6th week of my first pregnancy. I'm losing my appetite and this often cause gastric pain. I do drink liquid food but sometimes i still get gastric. May i know what should i eat and can i take actal when i have gastric pain? Thank you


Dr. Jason Ong said...

Hi, Kathy,

I will answer your question next week.
Currently i am too busy in preparing my pregnancy forum on this 28/3/2010.

Kathy said...

Dear Dr. Jason,

I understand, good luck on the preparation. I'm going to the forum too^^

Good day,