Thursday, March 11, 2010

Reply To Joris Sim

Joris Sim said:

Hi Dr Jason,

I was your patient for my first baby. I deliver on Nov 2009 (natural deliver). Your advice to me is wait another 3 year to have my second baby.
But now I have changed my mind and want to have my second baby soon.
What is major concern if I planned to pregnant during June or July?


The ideal birth spacing is more than 2 years.

You need 2 years to fully recover from the lost of calcium and vitamin from your body due to pregnancy.

The rule of 2 years is not applied to normal delivery only. For those with caesarean delivery, you still need to wait for 2 years to fully recover.

A poor birth spacing is harmful to your health as the risk of osteoporosis (brittle bone) is higher in the later stage of life.

Anyway, since you plan to pregnant again within 1 year after the normal delivery, you need to start your vitamin supplement by now. Folic acid supplement should be started 3 months before your pregnancy. You need to eat more high calcium diet, eg: egg, milk, yogurst and cheese.

Regular exercise before pregnancy is good to promote bone recovery.

A pregnancy class will be organised on 28/3/2010 in Safira Club. Bone scan machine is available on that day and it will be done free to all of the participants. I hope you can attend the event and check your bone density on that day.


HK Choo said...

Hi Dr.,

How do you calculate the birth spacing, as in when's the starting and ending point of the 2 years you recommended? Would it be from the time the baby is born to the period the next baby is conceived? Thanks ahead. :)

Dr. Jason Ong said...

Hi, Choo,

By the time the baby celebrates its 2 years old birthday, you have completed 2 years of spacing.

HK Choo said...

Thanks, now I understand better. :D

ling said...

Hi Dr,

Just came across your blog, found that this is really informative and helpful.

Well, I would like to ask about the folic acid suppliment, everyone saying it shld taking 3 months before the conception,may I know is it ok if we take the folic acid say about 6 months before the conception? Does this harmed or any good?

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