Monday, March 8, 2010

Pregnancy Class

Registration is opened now for the antenatal class in Safira Country Club on 28/3/2010.

Please call Ms Shirley Lee H/P 0125087932 for registration.

Free bone scan machine is available to the participants on that day for osteoporosis scanning.

4 breast pump machines will be given to the lucky mothers under the lucky draw.


Joris sim said...

Hi Dr Jason,

I was your patient for my first baby. I deliver on Nov 2009 (natural deliver). Your advice to me is wait another 3 year to have my second baby.
But now I have changed my mind and want to have my second baby soon.
What is major concern if I planned to pregnant during June or July?

Anonymous said...

Hi doctor Jason,

I'm wearing makeup during working hour and now I'm pregnant. should I stop it to avoid harmful substances in cosmetic that will impact the fetus? how about the skin care? is there any guidance while selecting the skin care for a pregnant women? thanks


Anonymous said...

thanks for organizing such a wonderful event , we gain lots of information from the seminar ..

KeanSeng n HueyLing