Thursday, November 11, 2010

Blockage of Fallopian tubes (输卵管堵塞)

Dear Dr Jason,
My name is B and I am a friend of E.
She has given to me your contact, hoping to get your advise on the side effects of laproscopi surgery.
I had gone through this HSG test few weeks ago and the result from the X-Ray was not so good.
My gynae suspect that both sides of my tube fallopion are blocked, and thus advise me for a laproscopi surgery to further confirm.
Pls advise if laproscopi is only useful to find out the root cause of the blockage or is it useful to unblock the blocked tube as well.
What is the side effects of doing the laproscopi ?
Will there be any damage (permenant) if laproscopi is not well done.
Need to hear your comment and expert advise before to proceed further.


Hi, B,

1) It is very unfortunate to hear that you have blockage of fallopian tubes from HSG.

2) You need further investigation to determine the reason of blockage.

3) I agree with your doctor that the next step of investigation is laparascopic surgery.

4) The result of HSG is not 100% reliable. Sometimes, the dye that used in HSG to flush the fallopian tubes could not flow through the tubes due to muscle constriction of the fallopian tubes. In this situation, your tubes are perfectly normal and the laparoscopic surgery will double confirmed this situation.

5) Laparoscopic surgery will further investigate for the underlying reason of blockage and treat accordingly.

6) Just like any other surgery, laparoscopy carries a small risk of complications, such as bowel injury, bladder injury and wound infection. However, the risk of complication is actually low.

7) If laparoscopy confirmed blockage of both tubes, you need to undergo test tube baby treatment if you keen to pregnant.

Dr Jason Ong

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