Wednesday, December 16, 2009

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Anonymous said:

Hello Dr Jason,

Good day to you!
I have one question need your help.

Attach picture is the pregnancy test result that i have done this morning. There are 2 lines, but the 2nd line is not as darker as the first line.

Attach below is the info about my period cycle which my last period is 17 Nov and today is 30th day after the last period. Would like to get your advise when is the suitable time for me to confirm the pregnancy with doctor? Thanks a lot!

period 2009


Hi! Anonymous,

Based on your period duration of 27 days cycle on average, currently your period is delayed by 2 days.
The Urine Pregnancy test you showed it to me is weakly positive, it means you are in the early stage of pregnancy.
You need to consult your doctor 1 week later to confirm the pregnancy.
The best time to visit your doctor is after one week missed period because the scan machine can't detect the pregnancy if it is too early.
Make sure you keep a full bladder and don't pass urine before the scan for better picture quality.

Anyway, congratulation for being a new mother.


Dr Jason.

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