Wednesday, January 20, 2010

H1N1 Vaccine ( H1N1 疫苗)

Anonymous said:

Hi Dr Jason

On Saturday when I went to see you for my regular prenatal check-up, I have forgotten to ask you regarding the H1N1 vaccinations which will be made available soon by the Government clinics to all high risk groups, including pregnant wormen. The question is, is it safe to take up the vaccinations and are there any side effects to the fetus if taken. I am now at my 24 week of pregnancy.


Hi, Annonymous,

The outbreak of H1N1 infection is generally under controlled in the Northern Malaysia. For the past 3 months, there was no new case reported in my hospital.
H1N1 vaccine is relative safe in pregnancy as the vaccine is derived from genetic recombinant material, rather than from the material of the killed virus. Therefore, H1N1 vaccination during pregnancy is acceptable practice.
Unfortunately, the vaccine is still unavailable in Bagan Specialist and most of the private hospitals because the supply is limited.
Generally, H1N1 infection will only produce mild flu for majority of the infected pregnant mothers. Most of the H1N1 infections are self limiting without causing serious complication.
I had 2 patients who were infected during pregnancy period. Both of them had delivered their babies without any handicap or complication.

Despite claiming that this vaccine is safe during pregnancy, special precaution should be taken since this vaccine is still new in the market. There is no medical study to prove its long term safety.

As far as your job doesn't require you to travel, H1N1 vaccination during pregnancy is NOT compulsory.

Dr Jason

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