Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Reply To Jeannette

Hi Dr Jason,

I found your email from your blog. I'm writing to you in regards of my ovulate period. My period was overdue by 3 weeks ago. But, pregnancy test is negative. However, i'm currently have popping in the ear.

I have history of delay of ovulation due to stress but no more than 3 weeks. Please advise.

Thank You.

Yours sincerely


Hi, Jeannette,

3 weeks delay is definitely a long duration, particular for a person with regular menses period.

You need to repeat your urine pregnancy test if the earlier test is more than 1 week now. Sometimes, in a very early pregnancy, urine pregnancy test may not be accurate. Just purchase from pharmacy the urine test and do again.

If the urine test is still negative, most of the time your problem is due to hormonal imbalance. Women menses are controlled by a group of hormone. In certain situation, the hormone production ratio is imbalanced. As a result, your menses cycles will be affected.

There are many conditions that cause hormonal imbalance :

1) Stress in your daily life

2) Travelling to other country with different climate and weather.

3) Sickness ; eg: Flu, diarrhoea, bladder infection

4) Lack of sleep

If the urine pregnancy is still negative and you hope to get your menses soon, you can consult a doctor to perform a detailed checking, including an ultrasound scan.

Some hormone pills may help to induce your menses to come early.


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