Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Confinement Centre (陪月中心)

It is a new trend to stay in the confinement centre during your confinement period.
There are many confinement centres in Butterworth and Bukit Mertajam.
Some of the centres are operated by the experienced nurses and some of them are operated by traditional confinement ladies.

Despite of these confinement centre service, some of the new mothers still prefer to stay at home and employed a confinement lady to take care of them.

Today, I want to make some comparisons between confinement centre care and home care.

The advantages of Confinement Centre care :

1) More cost effective compared to home care. The confinement centre usually provide package of services which include food, lodging, herbal treatment, massage service and baby formula milk powder. The cost to employ a confinement lady to your house for 1 month is quite expensive nowadays.
2) Some of the confinement centres even equipped with medical facilities such as Infrared lamp, photo light for the jaundiced baby.

The disadvantages of Confinement Centre care :

1) The quality of the service is depent on the operator.
2) The risk of infection to your baby is higher in the confinement centre compared with home care. In the confinement centre, many babies stay together within the same room. If one baby is sick, your baby maybe infected as well.
3) The chance of depression is higher. You feel sad because you stay away from your family for 1 month. You may have problem to adjust yourself to the new environment in the confinement centre.

Well, the choice is yours. From the medical point of view, my opinion is home care is still better than confinement centre care.

What is your opinion? Leave some comments please!


Anonymous said...

Good Day Doctor

i agree with u based on my own experience.during my 1st pregnancy,due to both of our parents are not able to take care of me n baby during my confinement, my husband and i hv decided to stay at confinement centre after delivery of the baby. i agreed to do so because is convenience to everyone.

finally,is time for my delivery.after discharge, i was sent to centre. i started feel sad as i was away from my husband. i can't control myself and keep crying when i m alone.i discussed with my husband and luckily we managed to employ a confinement lady who is my mum in law's friend in short notice. i was sent back to my own house after staying at centre for few days and my deposit are forfeited.

i feel so lucky that i hv make a right decision during that moment eventhough i hv lost some money.if not i will suffer with depression and no one will know what is the impact....

i m jz sharing my experience. different ppl will hv different opinion on this new trend. anyway home care will be my only choice in my next pregnancy.

Madeleine said...

hi all,
some are lucky enough to have choices whether to stay at home with a confinement lady or not.
i just found out that i am two months pregnant and am going to be an older, single mum (at 37!).
Sadly, my own mother passed away suddenly a year ago and there is only my dad and brother at home.
So I'm now on my own hunt for a confinement home / center and would be grateful for any recommendations (email me supermads (at) gmail (dot) com) if you have any experiences to share.

Unknown said...

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28daysmy said...

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