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Kellyy said :

Hi Dr Jason,

FYI, I'm currently on my 2nd pregnancy and about to deliver in 3weeks time. I'm planning to breast feed my baby as what i have done for my 1st one. The problem that I have previously is very low milk supply although I breastfeeded my son oftenly and right after birth. After a friend introduce fenugreek, my milk supply had slightly increased. My question is can i have the fenugreek right after labour? Will there be any side effect? I have constipation and piles problem. Will fenugreek worsen that?




Low breast milk production is a common problem faced by some of the new mothers who keen to breastfeed their babies.

Among the reasons contributing to low breast milk production :

1) Infrequent feeding resulting in low breast milk production. A regular 2 to 3 hours feeding interval is important to maintain the breastmilk production.

2) Delay in latching after the delivery to stimulate the breast milk production. This problem is commonly happened among the mothers with complicated labour and require caesarean delivery.

3) Inverted nipples which causes poor latching during feeding.

4) Poor suction from the baby to stimulate the breastmilk production.

There are few steps can be taken to help the production of breast milk:

1) Drink adequate amount of water during confinement period. The chinese traditional taboo believe that you should restrict the water intake during confinement. This practice is harmful and you are not encouaged to practice.

2) Increase the protein and calcium diet.

3) Learn a proper technique in breastfeeding. Improper feeding technique will cause poor suction from the baby. Please refer to this link to learn the proper techniques of breastfeeding.

4) Breast pump is helpful to extract and stimulate the breast mlik production.

If the above mentioned steps are still not helpful to increase the breast milk production, you need to consider medications:

1) Fenugeek is a traditional herbal medicine which may be helpful to stimulate the production. While Fenugreek is generally considered to be safe when used moderately, there have been reports of a few minor side-effects. Nausea is one common side effect, while other people have reported diarrhoea and stomach gastric pain. Apparently Fenugeek is safe to the baby as well.

2) Maxolon ( metochlorpromide ) can be used to increase the milk production. You need to see a doctor for consultation before taking this medicine.

You need to have a lot of determination and preseverance in order to succeed in breastfeeding. However, this sacrifice is worth taking because both mother and baby will eventually enjoy a lot of benefits from the breastfeeding.

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HooiHooi again. :D
A lot thanks for my safe delivery process!

I decided to breastfeed my baby since pregnant. And I manage to do so after came back from hospital. But during baby 13th days old, his jaundice level, bilirubin reading still 13+mg/dl. Paediatrician suggested I admitted baby for phototherapy and stop breastmilk for 2 days. And my baby bilirubin level drop to 9+mg/dl and discharged yesterday. BUT, paediatrician suggests me to only give baby breastmilk twice a day, others meal give formula milk for 1 week untill next follow-up. I am not so agree with this decision. May I know your opinion on the point of a gynae?

My baby can drink well, pee and poo well, awake and play 2-3 intervals a day, for me, is consider quite active.