Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Reply To HooiHooi

HooiHooi again. :D
A lot thanks for my safe delivery process!

I decided to breastfeed my baby since pregnant. And I manage to do so after came back from hospital. But during baby 13th days old, his jaundice level, bilirubin reading still 13+mg/dl. Paediatrician suggested I admitted baby for phototherapy and stop breastmilk for 2 days. And my baby bilirubin level drop to 9+mg/dl and discharged yesterday. BUT, paediatrician suggests me to only give baby breastmilk twice a day, others meal give formula milk for 1 week untill next follow-up. I am not so agree with this decision. May I know your opinion on the point of a gynae?

My baby can drink well, pee and poo well, awake and play 2-3 intervals a day, for me, is consider quite active.


Hi, HooiHooi,

It is quite unusual for a doctor to make recommendation of stop breastfeeding because of jaundice.

There are many reasons a newborn baby developing jaundice. Although breastfeeding itself is a contributing factor, the jaundice caused by breastfeeding is usually mild and not serious.

Personally, I advise you to continue for the reasons as stated below:

1) By now your baby should be more than 2 weeks old now. It is very rare for the jaundice to persist beyond 2 weeks.

2) Your baby had received phototherapy and jaundice was subsiding. Once the level went down, it is very rare for it to go up again, except if the baby has other hidden causes.

3) Your baby is a full termed baby. The jaundice level of 13 mg/dl is not considered seriously high.

4) Reducing frequency of breastfeeding will cause reduction in breast milk production.

5) Breast engorgement is also a problem if you don't feed the baby frequently. Breast engorgement may cause fever to you.

6) Exclusive breastfeeding means you only supply breast milk to your baby. By adding formula milk will defeat the purpose of exclusive breastfeeding. The baby may refuse your breast milk later due to formula milk.

7) This is probably your last pregnancy. Breastfeeding is good to you to reduce risk of breast cancer.

Anyway, it is not my purpose to criticise your paediatrician, who is also my colleague. Maybe you should discuss with him to know why he made this recommendation.

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