Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bad Experience in The Confinement Centre

Anonymous said:

Good Day Doctor

i agree with u based on my own experience.during my 1st pregnancy,due to both of our parents are not able to take care of me n baby during my confinement, my husband and i hv decided to stay at confinement centre after delivery of the baby. i agreed to do so because is convenience to everyone.

finally,is time for my delivery.after discharge, i was sent to centre. i started feel sad as i was away from my husband. i can't control myself and keep crying when i m alone.i discussed with my husband and luckily we managed to employ a confinement lady who is my mum in law's friend in short notice. i was sent back to my own house after staying at centre for few days and my deposit are forfeited.

i feel so lucky that i hv make a right decision during that moment eventhough i hv lost some money.if not i will suffer with depression and no one will know what is the impact....

i m jz sharing my experience. different ppl will hv different opinion on this new trend. anyway home care will be my only choice in my next pregnancy.


Hi, Anonymous,

Thank you for sharing your bad experience with all the readers.

I usually advise my patients to think twice before making the decision to stay in the confinement home.
I have seen many bad experiences from my patients who stayed in the confinement centre.

For Examples :

1) About 2 years ago, one of my patient successfully delivered a baby boy and after being discharged from the hospital, she was transferred to a confinement centre nearby my hospital. After staying there for 2 days, she noticed that the baby's head was swollen. The baby was crying persistently and refused breast milk.
She felt something went wrong and the baby was brought back to the hospital for further examination. After the X ray examination, we found that the baby had a fracture in the skull.
Upon further investigation, the confinement lady in the confinement centre said that the baby fell down from the sleeping cot with the head hitting the floor. The sleeping cot was about 1 meter in height from the floor !!
As a result, the baby suffered from head injury and skull fractured.
Apparently, the confinement centre employed mainly the Indonesian maids to take care of the babies.

2) About 1 year ago, there was an outbreak of infection to the newborn babies and one of the newborn baby was infected with the germs after delivery. The baby was admitted to hospital for treatment.
Upon discharged from hospital, the baby was transferred to a confinement centre because the mother was staying there.
Unfortunately, this sick baby brought the germs to the confinement centre and all the healthy babies in the confinement centre were subsequently transmitted with the disease.

3) I need to treat more cases of post partum blue ( Depression ) from the confinement centre.
You need to have plenty of family support during the confinement period to avoid the risk of depression.
Staying away from the family members is not a good idea !

4) Few of my patients were admitted to hospital because of food poisoning in the confinement centre.

The above mentioned examples are based on my personal experience and it is not my intention to run down the service in the confinement centre.


Anonymous said...

I feel that I had make a correct decision to employ a confinement lady. I not really trust the services provide by confinement home which most of the workers are foreigners. I wonder if they have experience. Some confinement homes, mother and baby is located in different floor, which mean we will not know if our babies cry and not even know what happen to our babies. My colleagues did share with me their bad experience. 1st case, my colleague found her baby's face got 2 red marks, one at each cheek. After she check, the mark is just fit with the nipple and she suspect they apply tape on the nipple to stick on the baby's face. When her husband went to ask them, the person in charge told him that she dont know and will investigate. Of course, end up not respond from them anymore. 2nd case, my another colleague, during her 2nd week in confinement home, her baby diagnose from pneumonia. At that time, total 5 babies diagnose from pneumonia. After investigate, the virus should spread thru the milk bottles as the babies over they share the bottles. This is very suprising matter. I dont know end up how they close this case, but this make me lost confident on confinement home.

mayloi said...

hai every one,i'm May here

when u got a bad mother in law u will din't say like that! i stay together with my mother in law,before i married she already tell me her can't help me better i find a confinement centre,i before thing want find a confiment lady come home but also scary they got any problem,then my mother go working can't help me,so is better i stay at confinement centre

Steven Finn said...

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