Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Money! Money! Money!

In this era of hyperinflation, our spending power is limited due to increasing cost of living and stagnant economy growth.

It is very common to hear the young couples complain of high cost of maintaining a family, particularly after having a baby.

Many of my young patients complained of high cost of having a baby due to expensive private medical care and high expenditure during confinement. To make thing worse, their salary is stagnant for years........

I could feel that many of them are under financial distress and personally I have a strong empathy to them.

Pregnancy should be a joyful moment in your lifetime because a newborn baby will bring happiness to your family. However, high cost of pregnancy and delivery may deter many of you from taking up this responsibility.

The delivery package in most of the private hospitals is getting expensive over the years. Generally, private hospitals in Klang Valley charge around RM 3000 for a normal birth package and between RM6,000 to RM 8,000 for caesarean delivery.
In Penang, the normal birth package is around RM 2,000 to RM 3,000 and caesarean delivery is around RM 4,000 to RM 5,000.

The hospitals are under pressure to increase the charges due to expensive medical instruments and medicine with most of them are imported from overseas and the cost will be passed down to the patients.

In my subsequent blog, I will give you a few tips to reduce your financial burden during just stay tune!

Meanwhile, I would like to hear from you. Are you spending too much to have a baby ?

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doris said...

I think new parents will spend more than others.This is due to we have no experience on what we must buy.Normally new parents will buy many of the baby things and at last just realized that the things is not necessary.
But for the delivery package, I think the price is still affordable and reasonable. Thanks Dr Jason for your advice and consultation during my pregnancy until I had delivered.
My husband and I really appreciated your effort!
Thanks again!

Kathy said...

One of the tips is to ask around your friends and family who had delivered, borrow the maternity cloths and baby stuffs from them. It really saves up alot of money.

brindo world said...

I think We have to very careful about our mother. Only awareness can help us to get rid of such situation. If you ready to take such responsibility
please come
I think our awareness can help our mother. thank you

Hazelnut Latte said...

luckly my sister borrow me many things...same like maternity cloths ...let me save down some money..

Mei Leng said...

Thanks, Dr. Jason on helping me delivered a cutie BB. True, I start to feel the pain on money d, so both of us have to earn more and cant affort any of us not working :P

liyin said...

In my opinion, delivery package and confinement spending still affordable as these are one off spending.
Having a baby, most spending on after delivery,this is we all can't avoid it. Milk powder,diapers,clothes,medical fee, insurance, education fee.

Anonymous said...

Really need a well and proper plan before pregnant as its really a heavy cost to built a family.