Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tiger vs Dragon

This year 2010 is the year of tiger

Due to the Chinese traditional belief, the year of tiger is not suitable for pregnancy and delivery.
Generally people believe the tiger babies are not auspicious and may bring bad luck to the family.
Because of that, this year most of the hospitals registered a decline in the number of newborn babies and most of the gynae doctors have more time to 'lepak' because of less patients.

2012 is the year of dragon

2 years later will be the year of dragon. Many people believe the dragon babies will bring luck and prosperity to the family.
I have many patients come to see me specifically asking for the best time to pregnant if they want a dragon baby.During the last dragon year 10 years ago, most of the hospitals registered a sudden increased in delivery by 10% to 20%.

However in real life, is it good to have your baby delivered in the dragon year?

A sudden increase in the number of babies may bring unexpected problems to your family and society:

1) You need to wait longer to see a gynaecologist due to increase in the number of patients. But it is good for doctors who can get better income : )

2) You may face problem to employ a confinement lady. The confinement lady may take the opportunity to increase the charges.

3) By the time your child start schooling, he/she needs to study in a crowded classroom. The teachers may not able to give individual attention to your child because of big classes.

4) Your child need to compete with more students to gain entrance to the university or scholarship awards. The univerisity will not offer more places for the dragon babies. At the same time, the number of scholarship will not increase to accomodate more top scorers.

In conclusion, It is not sure our traditional belief of auspicious dragon babies is true.
But one thing for sure, the dragon babies really bring more prosperity to the gynae doctors due to more business :)


-thethinker- said...

in 2012 , Dr Jason wont have time for his blog as he is too busy with his patient.. a normal worker have annual bonus every 12 month , a Gynae will have his/her bonus every 12 years hahaha ... jz kidding

jennvaz said...

Of course we will have a choice in deciding on when to conceive and when to deliver but will we be in total control of the kind of person the child will grow up to be? Besides, how would we ladies be sure that we will still be physically fit to carry a baby when 2012 comes? In other words, I really do not mind a 'Tiger' baby. I opt for practicality

Joreen ooi yu fay said...

regarding the babies of year of dragon will study in a crowded class, so to avoid this to be happened to your babies, you should plan to deliver in the year of pig,b'coz nobody want to become a 'lan duo zhu'( lazy pig)Hahahahahaha......

Cherrie@樱桃 said...

agree~too crowded....and kids will fell tension too..thanks for sharing doc..