Thursday, July 29, 2010

Risks for Preterm Births May Be Higher Among Overweight Mothers

July 28, 2010 — Risks for preterm births may be higher among overweight and obese mothers, according to the results of a systematic review and meta-analyses reported in the July 20 issue of the BMJ.

Compared with normal-weight women, very obese women were at 70% greater risk for induced preterm birth before 37 weeks and at 82% greater risk for early preterm birth (before 32 or 33 weeks).

"Overweight and obese women have increased risks of preterm birth and induced preterm birth and, after accounting for publication bias, appeared to have increased risks of preterm birth overall," the study authors write. "The beneficial effects of maternal overweight and obesity on low birth weight were greater in developing countries and disappeared after accounting for publication bias."

"Future research is needed to try to determine why overweight and obese women are at risk of preterm birth, and to determine effective methods of weight loss in women of childbearing age before pregnancy," the study authors conclude. " ...Clinicians need to be aware that overweight or obesity in women is not protective against having infants of low birth weight and should consider surveillance when indicated. Ideally, overweight or obese women should have prepregnancy counselling so that they are informed of their perinatal risks and can try to optimise their weight before pregnancy."


Personal advices :

1) Achieve an ideal body weight before pregnant. The ideal body weight should be between BMI 20 to 24.

2) Control your weight gain during pregnancy. The ideal weight gain during pregnancy is between 10kg to 15kg.


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