Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Preparation for Breastfeeding (餵母乳計劃)

Breast milk is always better than formula milk to provide best nutrition to your baby.
Nowadays, breastfeeding is a popular option among the new mothers because they realise that breast milk is the best food for their newborn babies.
In order to succeed in breast feeding, you need to prepare yourself before the delivery.

The things you need to do before the delivery:

1) Maintain nutritious diet for yourself.

You need to take high calcium food such as milk, yogurt, cheese and meat.
During breastfeeding, your body need to supply enough calcium in the breast milk.
Protein from fish and seafood products is also very important to supply omega oil (DHA) in the breast milk.
Remember to drink plenty of water during breastfeeding.

2) Avoid taking unneccessary medicine and alcohol during breastfeeding.

3) Check your breasts before the delivery.

Some women may have an inverted nipples(乳頭凹進). They need an artificial nipples(人造乳頭) to help them in breast feeding.

The artificial nipple for breastfeeding

4) Breast Massage
Breast massage should be done 1 month before the delivery to help milk production and nipples distension.

The direction of breast massage. Do it 15 min everyday.

Things you need to buy before delivery.

1) A breast supporting bra to support the heavy and engorged breast.

Remember, always buy a bigger size bra as the breast is usually enlarged during breastfeeding.

2) Nipple pad to prevent leaking of breast milk.

Nipple pads

3) Breast pump maybe helpful to reduce breast engorgement.

Breast pump


Anonymous said...

somethings to share:I used the madela breast pump during my first baby.And now for my second baby, my frens recomment me the Spectra breast pump because it has 2 pumps and safe a lot of time.Fast and easy.

Dr. Jason Ong said...

Agree with you. Spectra breast pump is good and high quality. It is made in Korea.
The suction power can be adjusted in this brand.

yu fay said...

that why i decide to buy it online thru because it has discount and the price is reasonable

JeSS said...

dear Doctor,
I have a strong positive line of my urine test but no sac being found from the ultrasound scanning this morning.Would it be too earlt to detect the sac.My last menses is on 25/07/09 and provided that i have an irregular menses cycle for where it can be delayed about two weeks times. so it's hard for me to tell exactly when is my last ovulation date.

Please advice and your advises is much apprecaited.

thank u!

Claire said...

Dr. I have been breast feeding my child for one year so now planning to stop it, and what is the formula that is more recommended and better.
I listen from some body that the Soy based milk is the better choice 2nd from breast milk is it true?

夏娃 said...

Is it true to use breast pump to stimulate colostrum before the delivery or during the first few day of delivery?

HK Choo said...

This is interesting, wasn't aware that it is recommended to massage the breast one month prior to edd to help in milk production and nipple distention.

But one question though, won't this result in pre-mature delivery? Just curious.

Another query, would this be necessary for a second time mother?

Thanks in advance for your answers, Dr Jason Ong.