Sunday, September 6, 2009

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Fion said :

Some of the peoples say you can only deliver the next baby at least after 2 or 3 years. Is it true?

Yes, it is true. The ideal birth spacing is 2 years. You need 2 years to fully recover from the lost of calcium and vitamin from your body due to pregnancy.
The rule of 2 years is not applied to caesarean delivery only. For those with normal delivery, you still need to wait for 2 years to fully recover.
A poor birth spacing is harmful to your health as the risk of osteoporosis (brittle bone) is higher in the later stage of life.

And some also say a women can only deliver 3 babies with Caesarean Delivery. Is it true?

It is partially true.
Common caesarean surgical site
The doctor usually advise you to limit to 3 caesarean deliveries because the complication for the subsequent 4th caesarean delivery is usually much higher.
For every caesarean, the doctor needs to operate on the same location.
During the wound recovery, the bladder or bowel may stuck to the wound. This will cause the subsequent surgery more risky and difficult as the chance of bladder injury or bowel injury during the subsequent caesarean is much higher.
However, if you insist to continue for the 4th caesarean delivery, most of the time the doctor will allow you to do so, but during the 4th caesarean operation, the doctor must be extra careful to avoid any complication.

If my first baby is delivered by Caesarean Delivery, can I deliver my second baby though normal delivery?

Of course you still can go for normal delivery after a caesarean delivery. However, the success rate for normal delivery after a caesarean delivery is only 60 to 70%.
It means out of 10 women who had a caesarean delivery before, only 6 to 7 of them will succeed in normal delivery.
For those who required caesarean delivery because the labour door refused to open, the chance for a successful normal delivery in the subsequent pregnancy is much lower.

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Fion said...

Thank you Dr Jason!!!Your info is very helpful to me.