Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Reply to Claire

Claire said:

Dr. I have been breast feeding my child for one year so now planning to stop it, and what is the formula that is more recommended and better.

I listen from some body that the Soy based milk is the better choice 2nd from breast milk is it true?


Hi! Claire,

First of all, congratulation for successfully breastfed your beloved baby for 1 year. It is not easy to breastfeed your baby for 1 year, particularly for a working mother. Your sacrifice and determination is admired by me!

Since your baby is already 1 year old, I believe his/her is already started on weaning diet. You need to provide a balanced and nutritious food in his weaning diet, eg: meat, fish, carrot, porridge, cereals and fruit juice.

Formula milk at this stage is not too important as the baby can source his vitamin from the weaning diet. Formula milk is just a supplement to his weaning diet, and not the other way round. The priority of his vitamin intake should come from the weaning food. I hope you understand my point here.

Soy based milk is not superior than the formula cow milk. In fact, the formula cow milk contains more protein ingredient than the soy milk. Protein is important at this stage to promote growth and development for your baby.

But if your baby has cow milk allergy, then soy milk is better than formula cow milk.

Cheers and Happy Motherhood.


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for your explaination and advise.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dr

I'm breastfeeding my 3.5mo bb and just had a sebaceous cyst removed today.

I was presribed Unasyn 375mg antibiotics and for painkiller Biogesic 500mg. I don't know what's the name of the anaesthetic and antibiotic that was administered on me for the surgery.

The surgeon sd the medicines are suitable for pregnant women. But I worry it may not be so for babies.

A wk b4 the surgery I was prescribed by a GP Klasid and Papase to treat the supposed infection of the cyst. I was assured this was safe for the bb. But my bb reacted badly to it. (this prompted me to seek specialist treatment instead)

I've been pumping and disposing of my milk for the whole of today & the next 3 days. I feel so sad doing that bec I'm not the type who have lots of milk.

I wish to get your opinion if the prescription is really ok for bb.


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