Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Common Reasons for Caesarean Delivery (剖腹生產)

It is estimated that 20% of the pregnant women in Malaysia deliver their babies by caesarean delivery.
In the developed contries, the caesarean delivery rate is even higher. In United State, the caesarean delivery rate is estimated at 40%.

As more pregnant women require caesearean delivery, it is important to know the common reasons for caesarean delivery.

The List of common reasons for Caesarean Delivery:

1)Slow progress in labour because the labour door was not opening.

The baby maybe too big to go through the birth tunnel, or the birth tunnel is just too narrow for the baby.

The baby head diameter is bigger than pelvic bone diameter

2)The baby’s heartbeat slow down during the labour process

During the labour process, the baby's heartbeat is constantly monitored by a machine. Sometimes, the baby's heartbeat could slow down during the labour process because of cord compression.
Prolonged slowdown in heartbeat could harm the baby because of lack of oxygen supply to the baby.

3)Abnormal baby sitting position

The buttock is sitting at the bottom

The baby is in tranverse position

4) Placenta location is too near to the labour door

Diagram on the Left : Normal placental location

Diagram on the Right : The placenta covers the labour door.

5) Bleeding from the placenta

Bleeding from the placenta is an emergency and the baby must be delivered as soon as possible.

6) Multiple pregnancy

twin pregnancy


Fion said...

Some of the peoples say you can only deliver the next baby at least after 2 or 3 years. Is it true?
And some also say a women can only deliver 3 babies with Caesarean Delivery. Is it true?
If my first baby is delivered by Caesarean Delivery, can I deliver my second baby though normal delivery?

Fion said...

What caused bleeding from placenta?

yin said...

This is an old post so I'm not sure you're still be replying on this but I'll try my luck.

My wife is in her 5th month pregnancy. She decided to go for c-sect. The reason given is because she said she might have out-of-breath or breathing problem to go for natural birth. Is this something that I need to concern of and proceed with our decision to go for c-sect delivery?