Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Urine Test (尿液檢查)

Container for urine test

During every visit of your pregnancy follow up, urine test is routinely performed.

Why pregnant ladies need regular urine check-up?

There are two important things the doctor want to know from your urine test :

1) Whether any sugar in the urine

2) Whether any protein in the urine

Urine Dipstick test - fast result to detect urine sugar and protein

Is it normal to have sugar in the urine ?

Yes. We name this condition as glycosuria. This condition may present in a healthy pregnant lady and usually resolved by itself after the pregnancy.

However, persistent glycosuria may indicate underlying diabetes mellitus (糖尿) which requires further investigation.

What about protein ?

Protein should not present in the urine for a healthy pregnant lady. If protein is detected in the urine, most of the time it is due to bladder infection which requires antibiotic treatment.

Occasionally, the presence of protein in the urine may indicate underlying kidney problems and sign of high blood pressure in pregnancy.

If my urine repeatedly contain sugar, what should I do ?

A further blood test is necessary to exclude possibility of diabetes mellitus in pregnancy. It is important to diagnose diabetes mellitus early as it could cause adverse complications to your pregnancy.

In addition, the chance of bladder infection is higher if the urine contains high level of sugar.

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