Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Horoscope Baby (时晨八字)

Some of the parents are very concerned about the birthday of their babies.

Many superstitious parents prefer their babies to be born on the specific auspicious date according to the horoscope and the Chinese lunar calender (八字).

They believe that if the baby is born on the auspicious date, he/she will bring luck and money to the family.

On the other hand, if the date is not auspicious, the baby may cause disaster and even death threat to the family members.

As a gynaecologist, I had in many occasions been asked by my patients to deliver their baby on the specific date and time in order to fulfil the horoscope.

For examples:

1) Last year, a young mother requested me to deliver her baby on 8/8/2008 8:08am by caesarean section. The baby really brought luck to the mother because for the first time the mother was interviewed by The Star newspaper and appeared on the front page newspaper on the following day.
Unfortunately, the doctor in charged was not interviewed : )

Yes! I was holding the knife waiting for the time..........8.08am

2) A Chinese couple consulted a Fung Shui master who was in the opinion that their baby was best delivered by midnight 3 am.
Pity me.....I need to come to the hospital to deliver the baby at the middle of night.
The following day, I had to drink extra cup of coffee to stay awake......

3) One of my patients had her due date on the mid of the ghost month (七月十五) . The grandmother insisted that the baby must be born before the ghost month.
Finally, I had to deliver her one day before the ghost month.

4) A mother planned to have the same birthday with her baby because they could celebrate the birthday together.

As a doctor, it is very difficult to reject their wish to have a horoscope baby. In case the baby is born at the unauspicious time and coincidentally something really bad happen to the family members, the parents may blame the doctor for not following their advice.

However, from the medical point of view, the intention for the horoscope baby carries some medical risks to both the mother and the baby.

In order to fulfil the time and date, the mother needs to undergo induction of labour(吹生).
Medical induction is always associated with some risks to the patients.
The duration of the labour is longer in induction.
The possibility of caesarean is higher because sometimes the induction of labour could fail.
What do you think?
Will you choose the birthday for your baby? .........Leave a comment please!


jojoleong said...

Doctor , my due date is 20 Sep 2009 , so it become 20092009 , after read your post , it make me thinking can the timing also fix on 2:09am/pm ? hahaha....

actually i'm not care of the timing and date , the only things i really hope is baby and mother healty and safety , at 七月 also nvm.

20 Sep 09 - is 八月初二 , if i deliver early sure touch on 七月。

Dr. Jason Ong said...


The Star and Nanyang San Pau will come and interview you....


ooi yu fay said...

i did the induction for my first baby.Really it took longer time because i spent about 8 hours in the labour room. But i enjoyed it because i can finish the whole "Health Today" magazine and discussed alot about my nail art with the nurse incharged. For this time i wish to deliver naturally.

liyin said...

Dr Jason:

Hi, I'm liyin, your patient before on year 2008, I delivered my baby girl on 10/10/2008, do you still remember? For my opinion, i won't purposely choose the date to deliver the baby, i believe the baby will decide itself when they want to born.
My due date base on period was 14/10/08, but through scanning was 25/10/08, finally my bb girl choose herself to born at 10/10, may be she want to be the 十全十美 person. Thank you Dr Jason for helping me to deliver so wonderful and precious baby girl.