Thursday, August 13, 2009

Reply to Hazelnut Latte

Hazelnut Latte said..

Dr Jason,
may i ask that if the person menses not accurate every months..then how she want to count the ovulation date.

i have try many ways -- taking clomid and use the ovulation paper test also can findout which date is my ovalution date.

Can you suggest to me that i need to do any further checking or not?



Hi ! Hazelnut,

It is not easy to estimate the date of ovulation for someone with irregular menses cycles.

The formula I mentioned in my blog on 10/7/2009 is only accurate for those with regular menses cycles.Anyway, you said that the urine test for ovulation was negative despite taking medicine clomid to induce ovulation.

==> It means you are not ovulating at all despite of the treatment.

Not all the women ovulate every menses cycle. About 10% to 20% of the women are not ovulating during their menses cycle.

This type of patients usually their period is irregular, they have problem to get pregnant and they gain weight easily.

To confirm that you are not ovulating, you can do a blood test at mid menses cycle to check the progestogen level.

This problem can be treated by increasing the clomid dosage to 150 mg.

If you still fail to ovulate despite of clomid, hormone injection is very effective to stimulate your ovary to ovulate.


Ovulation Urine Test


Hazelnut Latte said...

Thanks Dr Jason. I would like to visit you for checking but when is the date should i go is more suitable for checking.
Today is DAY 23 for this month cycle.

Dr. Jason Ong said...


Since you are from Ipoh, you can consult any gynae doctor in Ipoh.

Your problem is a common problem and most of the qualified gynae doctors can do a good job for you.


Hazelnut Latte said...

Hi Dr Jason,
I'm from Butterworth.

Dr. Jason Ong said...

You can come at Day 21 of your cycle to do your blood test.