Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Reply to yion

yion asked :

Is it possible that the cervix cannot open even it is overdue?


First of all, make sure your calculation of expected date of delivery is correct. Some of women may have irregular menses. As a result, the date of delivery is not accurate.

Generally, 30% of the pregnancies will go overdue. Usually, the doctor will allow you to overdue for 10 days if your baby condition is perfect. Hopefully, you will go into spontaneous labour during this period.

There are few reasons why the cervix can't open even it is overdue:

1) A thick cervix.
2) The baby head is high.
3) The baby maybe overweight, big baby.
4) The pelvic bone is small and narrow. As a result, the birth tunnel is small.
5) A cyst or fibroid which may obstruct the passage.

The doctor needs to assess the underlying reason. If he is sure that you fulfil the condition for normal delivery, then induction of labour is the option of choice.

If you fail to fulfil the condition for normal delivery, the doctor will advise you for Caesarean section.

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