Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Care of Newborn Umbilicus (婴儿肚脐治疗)

After the delivery of your baby, the umbilical cord will be cut and your baby will detach from you.

The baby umbilical stump will be clamped by a plastic clamp to prevent bleeding.

The umbilical cord plastic clamp

How long will my baby have an umbilical stump?

In about 10 to 14 days, the stump will dry up and drop off, leaving a small wound that may take a few days to heal.

Diagram A : Day 1 to Day 3

The umbilical stump is still thick and wet.

The colour is fresh white.

Diagram B: Day 4 to Day 7

The umbilical stump is dried and shrinking in size

The colour is dark chocholate.

Diagram C : Day 8 to Day 10

The umbilical stump is shrinking and slowly detached

The colour is black.

Diagram D : Day 10 to Day 14

The umbilical stump completely detached.

Small amout of blood stained is common.

Diagram E : Day 14 onward

A completely healed umbilicus.

Day 4 to Day 7

Day 8 to Day 10

How to take care of the stump?

1) Always keep the stump clean and dry.

2) Avoid applying any traditional oilment on the stump. The stump heals faster if left alone.

3) Rubbing the stump with alcohol only if the stump is dirty.

4) Avoid the pampers/ diaper from covering the stump to prevent urine staining on the stump.

5) Expose the stump to air to help dry out the base.

6) Change wet or soiled diapers quickly to prevent irritation.

7) Let the stump fall off on its own. Resist the temptation to pull off the stump yourself, even if it's hanging on by only a thread.

infected stump

Signs of umbilical stump infection

1) Appears red and swollen around the cord

2) Continues to bleed

3) Oozes yellowish pus

4) Produces a foul-smelling discharge

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